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 Buy your Manager OUT NOW allowing you to make $300 (100% Commissions) instead of ONLY $150. Learn how to hire an army of posters who go to work for YOU. You collect the $300 then pay your posters 50% of every SFLF paid Membership they generate. Hire 10 who generate  only one a week make $1,500. Hire 20 - 30 - 50 who sell only one a week - YOU DO THE MATH. There are thousands and thousands of broke people who would love to go to work for you where it costs them NOTHING other than the time and effort to make videos, blogs and posts on the internet.

You will be sending a one time membership fee of $400 to MY PayPal account. This one time membership fee will allow Harvey to build THIS Profit Center (the one you are looking at right now).   When you start promoting the system and visitors land on YOUR Profit Center (soon this page with your information)... you will keep the entire $400 Membership Fee from those who join the "Make Money With Harvey The Silver Fox LIVE" through your Profit Center.

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Once I receive the PayPal payment I will send you instructions on how to replace MY PayPal payment email with your's. I will also have Harvey contact you so you can buy any of these CHEAP business building tools shown here on this page PLUS introduce you to all the other Powerful Business Building Tools to help build your business.

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